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Tuesday, 2 February 2016
Page: 148

Department of the Environment: Office Efficiency Upgrades

(Question No. 937)

Mr Conroy asked the Minister for the Environment, in writing, on 17 August 2015:

In respect of the Minister's departmental office(s), has the building(s) received energy efficiency upgrades; if so, (a) when, and (b) how has this upgrade affected (i) average energy use, and (ii) average energy cost.

Mr Hunt: The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

Please see table below.

Office Location



Affect on average energy use

Effect on average energy cost

33 Allara, Canberra (Civic), ACT, 2600


Lighting upgrade to achieve green lease rating of 4.5 (part of lease agreement)

From May 2013 to 30 June 2015 there has been a 35 per cent drop in number of kilowatts used since the upgrade

A saving of 21 per cent annually

203 Channel Highway, Kingston, TAS, 7050


Green Building Fund Project - Modification to building heating & cooling time schedules and other energy consumption mitigation measures - (These works were conducted by the landlord to the benefit of the AAD)

Reduction of 379,107 kWh per annum

Cost saving of $29,399.74 based on peak tariff rate of $0.07755 per kWh



Installation of solar film treatment to external windows of Mawson & Hurley buildings

No attributed gain. Intended to reduce heat loss in winter and solar gain in summer

A declarable saving in terms of energy consumption or heating/cooling costs is not available.



Purchase of 900 LED light fittings to replace 840 fluorescent light fittings

Potential reduction of energy consumption by 441,504.00 kWh per annum

Cost saving of $34,238.63 based on peak tariff rate of $0.07755 per kWh

Please note that this response does not cover the full duration of the AAD's occupation of this site. A comprehensive search was completed back to 2001 when the current owner/landlord took ownership from the Commonwealth. Any further searches are considered an unnecessary diversion of resources.