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Tuesday, 22 February 2011
Page: 943
[5:33 PM]

The House divided.    

(The Deputy Speaker—Mr S Sidebottom)

DIVISION:AYES 68 (62 majority) NOES 6 PAIRS 2
Adams, D.G.H.Albanese, A.N.
Bird, S.Bowen, C.
Bradbury, D.J.Brodtmann, G.
Burke, A.E.Burke, A.S.
Butler, M.C.Byrne, A.M.
Champion, N.Cheeseman, D.L.
Clare, J.D.Collins, J.M.
Combet, G.Crean, S.F.
D’Ath, Y.M.Danby, M.
Dreyfus, M.A.Elliot, J.
Emerson, C.A.Ferguson, L.D.T.
Ferguson, M.J.Fitzgibbon, J.A.
Georganas, S.Gibbons, S.W.
Gillard, J.E.Gray, G.
Grierson, S.J.Griffin, A.P.
Hall, J.G. *Hayes, C.P.
Husic, E.Jones, S.
Kelly, M.J.King, C.F.
Leigh, A.Livermore, K.F.
Lyons, G.Macklin, J.L.
Marles, R.D.McClelland, R.B.
Melham, D.Mitchell, R.
Murphy, J.Neumann, S.K.
O’Connor, B.P.O’Neill, D.
Owens, J.Parke, M.
Perrett, G.D.Plibersek, T.
Ripoll, B.F.Rishworth, A.L.
Rowland, M.Roxon, N.L.
Saffin, J.A.Shorten, W.R.
Smith, A.D.H.Smith, S.F.
Smyth, L.Snowdon, W.E.
Swan, W.M.Symon, M.
Thomson, C.Thomson, K.J.
Vamvakinou, M.Zappia, A.
Bandt, A.Crook, T.
Griggs, N.Oakeshott, R.J.M. *
Wilkie, A.Windsor, A.H.C. *
Ellis, K.Keenan, M.
Rudd, K.M.Schultz, A.

* denotes teller

Question agreed to.