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Tuesday, 23 November 2010
Page: 3438

Mrs ANDREWS (3:11 PM) —My question is to the Treasurer. Given that the Treasurer is the person who will sign the $43 billion cheque to introduce the National Broadband Network, can he tell the House why he has not even bothered to read the National Broadband Network business case?

Ms Gillard —Peter Dutton set you up on that question.

Mr SWAN (Treasurer) —Was that a Dutton special?

Ms Gillard —Yes, that is right.

Mr SWAN —I think I said on radio this morning that I have had my head in the middle of the NBN for the past three years. This government has done all of the due diligence that would be required of a great nation-building project. Those opposite are so bereft of economic vision or any alternative policy that they can do nothing but come into this House and deride a great nation building project which will do good things for the thousands of small businesses on the Gold Coast, in North Queensland and in Far North Queensland. We have put forward a comprehensive program and we have put forward comprehensive analyses. We have had an expert committee, we have had a study by McKinsey and KPMG, and now we have the business case.

Mr Hockey —You have not read it!

The SPEAKER —The member for North Sydney is warned.

Mr SWAN —We are developing that business case and we are working with the ACCC. But all that those opposite can do, because they are so short sighted, bitter and intent on demolishing the NBN, is carry on with their negative approach. The people of Australia want more than that from an opposition. They want a government that will address the long-term challenges and this government is addressing those challenges.

Ms O’Dwyer interjecting

The SPEAKER —The member for Higgins is warned.

Mr SWAN —We will do all of the work and all of the due diligence that is required to make this a fantastic success for Australia.