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Tuesday, 26 October 2010
Page: 1646

Ms RISHWORTH (10:04 PM) —I rise today to raise the issue of the condition of roads in my electorate of Kingston. This is an issue that is regularly raised with me and I would like to work with the local community and all levels of government to ensure that we get action on the condition of our roads. The 30-year Plan for Greater Adelaide projects significant population growth in the southern suburbs of Adelaide and the Fleurieu Peninsula. We are already seeing this in places such as Seaford and Aldinga. In response there is now a strong vision that the Noarlunga area will become a transport orientated development. With this growth there needs to be transport infrastructure that keeps up with it to ensure that there is not urban congestion and that residents are able to easily get around.

There has been significant funding for the Noarlunga to Seaford rail extension, which will have a significant impact on urban congestion in our local area. Also, the state government has committed at the last election to duplicate the Southern Expressway. This has been widely welcomed by local residents because in our electorate of Kingston some years ago there was an expressway that was built as only one way, a great frustration to local residents. So I very much welcome the state government’s commitment to make sure that this transport infrastructure is put in to help with the movement of cars.

But there have been some concerns about specific roads and I would like to raise a number of these here tonight. For many residents in the local community of Noarlunga and Morphett Vale, there has been concern about the condition of Beach Road. It concerns a particular stretch between Main South Road and the roundabout to the Southern Expressway. Many local residents have expressed concern that it is very dangerous and other residents have said that it has taken up to 20 minutes for them to get from a side street on to this road. Over 200 people have responded to my survey expressing frustration with Beach Road. It is really important that we work to make sure that this road is improved so that local residents are not having this frustration, certainly considering that the Noarlunga area will become a transport orientated development.

In addition to the concerns with Beach Road, I have also had many people raise concerns about the stretch of Main South Road between Seaford and Sellicks Beach. Local residents have expressed a number of safety concerns which include regular speed limit variations as well as a single-lane road. They are also concerned with the twists and turns that can be very difficult to negotiate, and with the undulation of the road. Given the fact that this road is becoming a major thoroughfare for growing communities such as Seaford, Aldinga and Sellicks, residents have called for general improvements to its quality. Many have expressed the view that there should be a second lane heading in each direction. These are important road infrastructure issues that I will continue to lobby on. In addition to this stretch of road other residents have raised the state of Old Coach Road which connects the Seaford area to Aldinga. This has been of concern to a number of residents and, as with the other roads, I will continue to lobby on their behalf.

Ensuring that the south has adequate transport infrastructure is incredibly important. For too long under the previous federal government the transport infrastructure was ignored. I am pleased that we are making progress in the area of rail infrastructure through the investment of the state government in the Southern Expressway. We need to make sure that our roads, especially our secondary roads and back streets, are maintained and we need to make sure that they are safe for the commuters that use them.

In addition to safety we need to consider the urban congestion in the area, especially as growth increases. We need to make sure that residents are not frustrated or put in danger, and that the roads are adequate to take growth. I will continue to work with the state government, the local council and the federal government to ensure that we continue to put better transport infrastructure into the southern suburbs of Adelaide.