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Thursday, 30 September 2010
Page: 376

The following notices were given:

Ms Hall to move:

That this House:

(1)   notes that:

(a)   National Stroke Awareness Week was 13 to 19 September;

(b)   sixty thousand people will suffer a stroke this year, that is, one stroke every 10 minutes;

(c)   stroke is the second single greatest killer after coronary and a leading cause of disability in Australia;

(d)   one in five people having a first stroke die within one month, and one in three die within one year;

(e)   twenty per cent of all strokes occur in people under fifty five years of age;

(f)   eighty eight per cent of stroke survivors live at home, and most have a disability;

(g)   stroke kills more women than breast cancer;

(h)   stroke costs Australia $2.14 billion a year, yet is preventable; and

(i)   education plays an important role in reducing the occurrence of stroke; and

(2)   acknowledges:

(a)   the role played by the families and carers of stroke victims;

(b)   the work of the National Stroke Foundation;

(c)   the effectiveness of the FAST campaign; and

(d)   that prevention is the best cure.

Mr Abbott to present a Bill for an Act to protect the interests of Aboriginal people in the management, development and use of native title land situated in wild river areas, and for related purposes.