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Thursday, 30 September 2010
Page: 332

Mr PERRETT (1:53 PM) —I bring to the attention of the House the release yesterday of the ABARE-BRS report End use energy intensity in the Australian economy. This report highlights the improvements that have occurred in Australia’s energy efficiency. Specifically, the report shows that the energy intensity of the Australian economy improved by 1.2 per cent a year on average between 1989-90 and 2007-08. This means that households and businesses are saving money by using less energy, also delivering environmental benefits.

Even the malcontents on the other side know that the introduction of a carbon price will drive further energy efficiency gains and protect our economy in the long term. Just this week, the Prime Minister announced the membership and terms of reference for the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee to explore options for the introduction of a carbon price and there is still room at the table for someone such as Mal Washer or Malcolm Turnbull, or anyone else who volunteers. It is clear that the biggest roadblock to further gains in energy efficiency is Tony Abbott, the member for Warringah. Now more than ever, Australia needs Mal or Malcolm, not the malcontent.