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Wednesday, 12 August 2009
Page: 75

Mr Morrison asked the Minister for Housing, in writing, on 25 May 2009:

In respect of the Social Housing Growth Funds and the National Partnership Agreement on Social Housing

(1)   Which State and Territory governments submitted proposals to the Australian Government before 2 March 2009 for funding for the 2008-09 financial year.

(2)   Were any proposals submitted after 2 March 2009; if so, by which State and Territory government/s.

(3)   What was the total combined monetary value of all proposals received.

(4)   Has the Australian Government entered into any bilateral agreements with any State or Territory government in respect of any proposal submitted in part (1); if so, with which State and Territory government/s.

(5)   Has the Australian Government made any payment to a State or Territory government in respect of any bilateral agreement; if so, what sum was paid, and to which State or Territory government/s.

Ms Plibersek (Minister for Housing and Minister for the Status of Women) —The answer to the honourable member’s question is as follows:

(1)   Seven States and Territories submitted draft or final proposals for the 2008-09 financial year on or before 2 March 2009.

(2)   The Northern Territory submitted its proposal on 5 March 2009. Final proposals were received from New South Wales on 20 March 2009, Western Australia on 10 March 2009 and South Australia on 12 March 2009.

(3)   The combined monetary value of the proposals received was $303,197,099. This is an estimate as some States and Territories provided the total cost of projects that will be undertaken over the two years and for these the costs were evenly divided over the two years.

(4)   The Australian Government has entered into bilateral agreements with all States and Territories in respect of their 2008-09 proposals.

(5)   As at 7 June 2009 the Australian Government had paid the following amounts: New South Wales - $65.201 million; Victoria - $49.576 million; Queensland - $40.048 million. Western Australia - $20.244 million; South Australia - $14.990 million; Tasmania - $4.662 million; The Australian Capital Territory - $3.221 million; and The Northern Territory - $2.058 million.