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Monday, 25 May 2009
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To the Honourable Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives

This petition of Indian citizens draws attention to:

1.   Genocide and other grave Transnational crimes in India, Australia, NZ

2.   Masterminded, funded, organized by Australian “Exclusive Brethren” (EB) mafia

3.   Against pioneering Indian non-profit research organisation “BOSS School”

4.   For its revolutionary belief “Everyone is a Genius”

5.   By bribing Indian Government, Judiciary to destroy it

6.   Using irrational, illegal allegations of “Blackmagic” “Witchcraft” “Satanism”

7.   BOSS School members to be killed / publicly lynched anytime

8.   Applicant (former EB) trafficked to NZ, fled to Australia

9.   Thousands of atrocities under Commonwealth, International Laws

10.   Violating powerful Treaties signed, ratified by Australia

11.   Volumes of direct Documentary, Audio, Video evidence (can be presented)

12.   AFP, Federal Court, High Court refusing to take action as per law

13.   On the contrary abetting, continuing this Genocide to protect EB

We pray that Commonwealth stops this Genocide, being committed by its citizens:

a.   Petition UN, Commonwealth of Nations (Art. 8, Genocide Convention, 1948)

b.   Pressurise India to stop the Genocide

c.   Direct AFP to prosecute EB as per Criminal Code Act, 1995

d.   Initiate worldwide crackdown against EB mafia

Failing which we will approach every international forum:

a.   To prosecute Australian citizens, Govt., Judicial officers

b.   To expose that like Pakistan, Australia is actively breeding terrorism

by Mrs Irwin (from 2 citizens)