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Monday, 20 October 2008
Page: 9641

Mr SIMPKINS (6:52 PM) —It is not often that someone stands up in this place and says good things about Telstra, and I am not going to start tonight. But I will in the future if they do the right thing with regard to the phone booth at Amberton Avenue in my local suburb of Girrawheen. This phone booth is the scene of antisocial behaviour after dark. There is littering. Needles have been found. In fact, up to 15 needles were found in a backyard just next to the phone box. There has been broken glass and graffiti. There have even been people disturbing locals by knocking on doors at night and asking for money. According to the people who live nearby and want action on this matter, most of the people arrive by car and when they leave, squealing the tyres and damaging front lawns of people’s properties is normal. This just is not good enough. Telstra needs to relocate the phone box or merely remove it. I call upon Telstra and Mr Peter Fairclough, the state manager, to do the right thing and look after the local people and clear this away. In the end, the people that use this booth—as most travel by car—can go to other places. It is not right for the local people to have to suffer this consistent antisocial behaviour.