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Thursday, 10 May 2007
Page: 179

Mr Murphy asked the Minister representing the Minister for Justice and Customs, in writing, on 1 March 2007:

(1)   Further to the Minister’s reply to question No. 3831, was a CCTV camera control room operator responsible for camera 1 having ‘no focus’ when this incident was discovered by a Customs Officer on 23 October 2004; if not, who was responsible for this incident.

(2)   What did the investigation of the incident reveal.

(3)   Apart from the report to Bemac Security Pty Ltd, was any other written report provided to the superior of the Customs Officer who discovered the faulty CCTV camera on 23 October 2004; if so, what are the full details of that report.

Mr Ruddock (Attorney-General) —The Minister for Justice and Customs has provided the following answer to the honourable member’s question: 

(1)   Refer to answer to Question on Notice 3831. There is nothing further to add.

(2)   Refer to answer to question (1).

(3)   Refer to answer to question (2).