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Thursday, 19 October 2006
Page: 109

The following notice was given:

Mrs May to move:

That the House:

(1)   recognises that:

(a)   23 percent of women who have ever been married or in a de facto relationship have experienced violence by a partner at some time during the relationship;

(b)   the immediate impacts for children of victims include emotional and behavioural problems, lost school time, poor school performance, adjustment and relationship problems;

(c)   child abuse is more likely to occur in families experiencing domestic violence; and

(d)   children of victims are also at risk of continuing the violence with their own children and partners and are at heightened risk of alcohol and drug abuse and delinquency later in life;

(2)   also recognises that:

(a)   the social, health and psychological consequences of domestic violence have far-reaching and longstanding negative impacts on families who suffer from domestic violence and on the community as a whole; and

(b)   there is no excuse for violence and abuse;

(3)   calls on the Government to:

(a)   establish a National Domestic Violence Death Review Board;

(b)   establish a National Committee on Violence Against Women; and

(c)   increase efforts in the area of primary prevention; and

(4)   calls, on a bipartisan level, for a more coordinated and sustained approach to be undertaken by all levels of government in the area of domestic violence.