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Wednesday, 18 October 2006
Page: 237

Ms Annette Ellis asked the Minister for Health and Ageing, in writing, on 10 August 2006:

Can he provide an update on the latest GP bulk-billing figures across Australia, including the federal electorate of Adelaide.

Mr Abbott (Minister for Health and Ageing) —The answer to the honourable member’s question is as follows:

Bulk billing statistics for non-referred GP attendances by electorate are published on an annual calendar year basis, in February/March each year.

The bulk billing rates for non-referred GP attendances for the electorate of Adelaide (based on patient enrolment postcode) and for Australia in calendar year 2005 (year of processing) are as follows:

Calendar Year


Per cent of services bulk billed







Note: Excludes practice nurse items

Notes to the statistics

Medicare data is based on year of processing by Medicare Australia and may not be the same as the year in which the patient received the service.

Electorate level data should be considered as estimates only. Allocations of services are based on the reported postal address postcodes of patients. Therefore some data will not accurately reflect the address where the patient actually resides.

Additional information and explanatory notes for these statistics are available on the Department’s website at