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Tuesday, 8 August 2006
Page: 19

Mr MURPHY (3:23 PM) —Mr Speaker, I need some assistance under standing order 105(b). Before I ask for your assistance, I need to ask you a question, because I have asked you, under standing order 105(b), to write to the Treasurer in relation to question No. 8, which first appeared on the Notice Paper of this parliament on 17 November, 2004. That question was the same question that I asked in the 40th Parliament and it goes back some three years or so since I first raised the question. I could be dead before I get an answer. Your predecessor sent letters to the Treasurer and you have sent letters and we do not even get an answer! It is a serious question about people who put themselves outside the taxation system and do not even lodge tax returns. So once again—through you, Mr Speaker, with great respect—I would ask you to write to the Treasurer and just ask why he is not even acknowledging your requests, on my behalf and that of my constituents, to get an answer to question No. 8, which first appeared in this parliament on 17 November 2004 and has been outstanding for some three years.

The SPEAKER —Does the member for Lowe have further questions?

Mr MURPHY —I have got a number of other questions.

The SPEAKER —If the member for Lowe could come to those questions.

Mr MURPHY —To facilitate the House, I will go through them very quickly. They are questions Nos 2999, 3005, 3013, 3127, 3172, 3389, 3392, 3393, 3394, 3460, 3462, 3507, 3508, 3570, 3585, 3588, 3589, 3590, 3595, 3596, 3601, 3602, 3603 and 3604.

The SPEAKER —I thank the member for Lowe. I will follow up his requests with the relevant ministers.