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Wednesday, 14 June 2006
Page: 231

Mr WILKIE (6:00 PM) —I thank the Minister for Transport and Regional Services for arriving and fronting up to this meeting in person. Unlike many ministers who have sent the monkey, it is great to see the organ grinder here. Thank you and I appreciate the fact you are here in person because I think it is great to see the minister himself turning up. You ought to be congratulated for taking the time to answer these questions.

The question I have to start with—and I have quite a few, as you are probably aware—relates to what is going on with Westralia Airports Corporation and the City of Belmont in my electorate. As you would know the city has been short-changed in their rate equivalent payments to the tune of $409,000 by Westralia Airports Corporation. Firstly, you have already met, as I know, with Westralia Airports Corporation about their decision not to comply with their lease with the Commonwealth government and to refuse payment of rates to the City of Belmont. Could you please advise us when you will be meeting with the City of Belmont to discuss this issue?