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Wednesday, 15 October 2003
Page: 21496

Mr LEO McLEAY (3:41 PM) —Mr Speaker, my question to you is: will there be any times next Thursday and Friday when members of parliament, their staff or the public—it could be any of those three categories—will not be allowed access to or egress from this building?

The SPEAKER —Let me clarify that, while public access will be difficult, I am not referring there to members, their staff or the guests of members. I am not sure in what context the member for Watson is using the term `public'. I am happy to recognise him again for clarification.

Mr LEO McLEAY —My question basically concerns whether there will be any particular time next Thursday and Friday when either the public or members and their staff will not be allowed to enter or exit this building. Will the place be closed and people kept in and people kept out? Ban the press, of course, but with great respect—

The SPEAKER —I was in fact attempting to respond to the member for Watson and simply point out that the short answer to his question is no. I was attempting, without much assistance from him, to qualify the question of what is meant by `the public'—that was all. The short answer to his question is no. I have indicated that the term `public' will mean by invitation.