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Thursday, 21 August 2003
Page: 19245

Mr HOCKEY (4:25 PM) —Mr Speaker, I have a question for you. I cite Hansard page 18714 from yesterday. At 6.08 p.m. yesterday, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Finance and Administration, the member for Fisher, moved that the question be now put. The words as recorded in Hansard are:

Mr Price interjecting

The following words are:

The DEPUTY SPEAKER (Hon. B.C. Scott)—I ask the member for Chifley to withdraw those offensive remarks. They are unparliamentary.

And then:

Mr Price—I withdraw.

The interjection at the point—

Mr Leo McLeay —What did he say?

The SPEAKER —Member for Watson! The minister has the call.

Mr HOCKEY —The interjection which was noted as `Mr Price interjecting' was, `Thanks a lot. Thanks a'—and then an expletive—`lot, Martin,' clearly in reference to the member for Batman. At the time I asked for a withdrawal of the remarks, particularly the expletive, as it was rude and offensive to the House. I handed a note to the Hansard reporter, covering the entire interjection, and the Hansard reporter noted to me that she had heard the full interjection. Noting and respecting the fact that the expletive perhaps should not be recorded in Hansard, I would ask that you ask the chief reporter in Hansard to have a look at why the remainder of the words were not recorded in Hansard—there is a simple line `Mr Price interjecting'—when everyone heard those words.

The SPEAKER —I will take up the matter raised by the minister. I will discuss this with the Hansard chief reporter. All of the House is indebted to Hansard for the way in which they manage to accurately record what happens in the parliament. I do not think that a major sin has been committed in this instance, but I will take it up with the Hansard chief reporter.