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Wednesday, 14 May 2003
Page: 14494

Mr SIDEBOTTOM (9:53 AM) —This week is National Families Week. I would like to pay compliments to an enterprise which supports families with children and adults with disabilities. I refer to Devonfield Enterprises which, although its headquarters is located in Devonport itself, its services, personnel and clients range from the north-west coast to the west coast. The aim of Devonfield Enterprises is to provide opportunities for community integration for people with disabilities and to maximise their independence. It achieves this aim by providing services such as day support services, occupational training and support, supported employment, supported accommodation and respite care. At the heart of providing these services is the commitment to give the greatest opportunity to maximise the life of, and opportunities for, disabled adults and children. It is under the management and care of its executive director, the indomitable, energetic Steve Daley. I refer to some of their services, such as the North West Support Services, which attempt to integrate disabled clients into their local community through the choice of a whole range of programs and activities ranging from communication, personal hygiene and road safety right through to cooking, first aid, community participation and volunteering.

They also have a very strong occupational training and support service, which is there to develop the skills of, and training support for, each individual client of the program. The training ranges from literacy and numeracy, personal development, social skills awareness and sexuality awareness right through to telephone skills, horse riding, swimming and aerobics. There is a very active supported employment environment through Devon Industries Tasmania, a furniture manufacturing, welding, pallet and bin manufacturing industry; Tasmanian Rural Marketing Services; North West Forestry Services; and Devon Gardening Services. On top of that, they have developed a great expertise in offering canteen and catering services through Healthy Cuisine, the catering services at the Australian Paper mill at Wesley Vale and Simplot's Quoiba plant. They also offer very supportive accommodation services for youth services, senior residential services, respite care, the community living program and tenancy support. The greatest thing about Devonfield Enterprises is not only that they support families but that they have created a family themselves. I thank all those involved in providing this wonderful service.