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Monday, 24 March 2003
Page: 13273

To the Honourable the Speaker and the members of the House of Representatives assembled in parliament:

This petition of certain citizens of Australia draws to the attention of the House that current legislation is insufficient to protect the health of the people of Australia from the dangers of microwave radiation emitting from mobile phone telecommunication towers.

Your petitioners therefore request that the House amend current legislation to:

(a) Safeguard the people of Australia against health threatening electromagnetic radiation emitting from mobile phone telecommunication towers and installations, by restricting the siting of these facilities to zones of no less than 300m from residential areas.

(b) Stop the location siting of mobile phone telecommunication towers and installations, including collocation and multiple siting areas close to residential areas (ie homes, schools, hospitals, aged care centres and other such facilities), until major research identifies conclusively a safe distance for each tower or installation to be located.

Implement immediately a major medical and technological research program, by recognised and independent organisations, into the potential adverse health effects of this radiation.

by Dr Emerson (from 73 citizens)