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Thursday, 13 February 2003
Page: 11911

Mr Martin Ferguson asked the Minister for Transport and Regional Services, upon notice, on 14 May 2002:

(1) What criteria have been used to select roads for funding under the Black Spot programme since 1996.

(2) Who have chaired the relevant State and Territory Black Spot Panels.

(3) Where and what sum of Black Spot funding has been granted in each (a) municipality or shire and (b) House of Representatives electoral division.

(4) In relation to Black Spot funding in federal electoral divisions, which party held the particular electoral division at the time any grant was made.

Mr Anderson (Minister for Transport and Regional Services) —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) The Programme's Notes on Administration require the Minister to take into account the following factors:

· whether the project is eligible;

· economic benefits of the project;

· the funds available for urban and rural projects;

· the funds available for hazardous locations for which an official road safety audit report has been obtained;

· contributions to the project from sources other than the Commonwealth;

· whether the expected Commonwealth commitment to a project is less than $500,000;

· whether the project can be completed within the timeframe of the Programme; and

· whether the state has maintained its own spending on black spot projects.

The Notes on Administration's eligibility criteria specify a crash history of:

for discrete sites (eg, an intersection, mid-block or short road section) the minimum eligibility criterion will be a history of at least 3 casualty crashes in any one year, or 3 casualty crashes over a three-year period, 4 over a four-year period, 5 over a five-year period, etc.

for road lengths the minimum eligibility criterion is an average of 0.2 casualty crashes per kilometre per annum over the length in question measured over 5 years or the length must be amongst the top 10% of sites identified in each state which have an identified higher crash rate than other roads.

In addition, up to 20% of programme funds are available for the treatment of sites, lengths or areas which may not meet the above crash history criteria, but which have been recommended for treatment on the basis of an official road safety audit report.


State or Territory

Consultative Panel Chairmen

New South Wales

Hon Michael Ronaldson MPCr Bill Bott (deputising for the Hon Michael Ronaldson MP)Senator Sandy MacdonaldHon Ian Causley MP


Hon Michael Ronaldson MPHon Stewart Macarthur MP


Senator William O'CheeMr Paul Neville MP

Western Australia

Senator Winston Crane

South Australia

Senator Alan Ferguson


Senator the Hon Brian Gibson

Australian Capital Territory

Senator the Hon Margaret Reid

Northern Territory

Hon Nicholas Dundas MPSenator the Hon Grant Tambling

(3) Details of location and sum of Black Spot funding granted since 1996 have been provided to Mr Ferguson and are available from the House of Representatives Table Office.

(4) Details of which political party held the electoral division at the time Black Spot funding was granted is not maintained.