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Thursday, 13 February 2003
Page: 11775

Mr BALDWIN (9:01 AM) —Mr Speaker, I wish to make a personal explanation.

The SPEAKER —Does the honourable member claim to have been misrepresented?


The SPEAKER —Please proceed.

Mr BALDWIN —Yesterday in the Main Committee at 9.51 a.m. the member for Hunter made some statements which misrepresented my position. The member for Hunter said that in relation to my home site I had illegally excavated not only my land but also a neighbour's land. Both of these statements are incorrect and, on checking with council records, there is nothing to substantiate anything to do with my neighbour's lands in relation to me. Secondly, the member for Hunter said that the plans that I had put to council would make it impossible for me to meet my commitment to repair the damage on my block of land. That damage is being repaired.

Thirdly, he mentioned Councillor Geoff Robinson as being the contractor who excavated my site. Geoff Robinson is not a contractor to my site, in excavation or in any other way. It was also claimed by the member for Hunter that I had used my power as a councillor and federal member to stand over and threaten council staff to get what I wanted. I have only ever had two meetings with the council staff in relation to my property: one on site and one in the general manager's office. At both times, the general manager and council staff were present. There has been no pressure put on anyone.

The other thing that he claimed is that no other development approvals have been granted in the precinct in which my land sits. I have never objected to any singular housing development in my electorate, so that is a misstatement as well. Mr Speaker, I put to you that the member for Hunter has misled this House.

Mr King —He should apologise.

The SPEAKER —I must just qualify this: the only facility that personal explanation allows the member for Paterson is for him to indicate that he has been misrepresented. An accusation of misleading the House does not belong in the personal explanation bracket.