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Monday, 11 November 2002
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Ms Burke asked the Minister representing the Minister for Forestry and Conservation, upon notice, on 19 August 2002:

(1) Does the Minister administer any Commonwealth funded programs for which community organisations or businesses can apply for funding.

(2) If so, what are these programs.

(3) Does the Minister's Department advertise these funding opportunities.

(4) In the electoral divisions of (a) Chisholm, (b) Aston, (c) Deakin, (d) Latrobe and (e) Casey in (i) 1996-97, (ii) 1997-98, (iii) 1998-99, (iv) 1999-2000, (v) 2000-2001 and (vi) 2001-2002, for each of the programs listed in part (2), (A) what was the name and postal address of each organisation that sought funding from the Commonwealth, (B) what was the purpose of the funding sought in each case and (C) for successful applications, what was the level of funding provided.

Mr Truss (Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry) —The Minister for Forestry and Conservation has provided the following answer to the honourable member's question:


Question 2

Question 3

National Feral Animal Control ProgramThe National Feral Animal Control Program (NFACP) has been established under the Federal Government's Natural Heritage Trust to develop and implement, in cooperation with State, Territory and Local Governments, a program to reduce the damage to agriculture and the environment caused by pest animals. The NFACP is jointly administered by the Bureau of Rural Sciences and the Biodiversity Group of Environment Australia.


Natural Heritage TrustNational Landcare Program;National Rivercare Program;Murray-Darling 2001 Program;Fisheries Action Program ;Farm Forestry Program;Australian Government Envirofund.The Federal Government's $2.5 billion Natural Heritage Trust is Australia's largest ever environmental rescue package. The Trust was set up in 1996 to help conserve and sustain Australia's environment and natural resources. In the first six years of the Trust, funding was delivered through a range of programs addressing issues relating to land, vegetation, rivers, biodiversity and coasts and seas.In the 2001 Federal Budget, the Government announced an extra $1 billion for the Trust, extending the funding for five more years from 2002-03 to 2006-07. Under revised arrangements for the extension of the Trust, individuals and community groups can undertake small projects aimed at conserving biodiversity and sustainable resource use by applying for funding through the Australian Government Envirofund.


National Action Plan for Salinity and Water QualityIndividuals or businesses are not eligible to apply directly to the Commonwealth for funding under the National Action Plan, funding is available to community-based regional bodies identified in bilateral agreements between the Commonwealth and each state and territory in which such agreements have been signed. Individuals and businesses would access funding through activities agreed to by governments in regional investment plans.

No. As funding is limited to the regional bodies identified under bilateral agreements between the Commonwealth and states and territories, availability of funding is communicated directly with these bodies on a state-by-state basis.

Environmental Management Systems Incentives ProgramCommenced on 1 July 2002 and is available to all eligible primary producers.


Great Artesian Basin Sustainability InitiativeA $31.8M investment by the Commonwealth over 5 years (July 1999 to June 2004). Together with state investments, the Initiative provides technical assistance and financial incentives to eligible owners of uncontrollable pastoral bores in the Great Artesian Basin. Assistance is available to repair bores and/or replace open earthen bore drains with piped stock water reticulation systems in the interests of reducing the total outflows from the Basin and partial recovery of artesian pressures in priority areas.

No. This is done by the responsible state agency.

Fisheries Resources Research FundThe Fisheries Resources Research Fund supports an agreed programme of independent assessment of Commonwealth fisheries management performance, as well as the development of new and improved policies for fisheries management in accordance with the specific policy streams of Fishing Industry Development and Resources Sustainability.


The Forest Industry Structural Adjustment Program (FISAP)Funded jointly with the NSW, Victorian and WA Governments and solely in Queensland. Also the Eden Region Adjustment Package.


New Industries Development ProgramThe objective of the New Industries Development Program is to accelerate efforts to assist Australian agribusiness improve its capacity to efficiently and successfully develop new, innovative, high value products, services and technologies that will generate additional medium term commercial outcomes for the benefit of Australia.


Dairy Regional Assistance ProgramDairy Regional Assistance Program is designed to assist communities that have been impacted upon by the deregulation of the diary industry. The program facilitates long term employment by supplementing business investment and provides support for services that will lead to on-going economic and social benefits for regions affected by dairy deregulation. The Department of Transport and Regional Services receives funding and is responsible for managing this program. DOTARS reports directly to Minister Truss.

No. The Department of Transport and Regional Services is responsible for managing all aspects of the program.

Australia China Agriculture Cooperation AgreementThe Australia —China Agricultural Cooperation Agreement (ACACA) provides funding for agricultural oriented exchange projects between Australia and China. It promotes agricultural cooperation between the two countries on the basis of mutual benefit and reciprocity.The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry - Australia (AFFA) and the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) jointly fund and administer the Agreement.


AAA-Farm Innovation ProgramAAA- Farm Innovation Program provides grants to eligible Australian farming, food, fishing and forestry businesses to adopt and demonstrate innovative practices, processes, products and technologies. All four rounds of this pilot program have now been successfully completed.


Farmbis AustraliaThe FarmBis Australia program is administered by Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry - Australia. Industry organisations and companies can apply for funding under the program to develop new and innovative training and education projects to enhance the business management skills of Australia's agricultural industries.


Rural Financial Counselling ProgramThe AAA-Rural Financial Counselling Service provides funding to assist community groups who wish to provide financial counselling services to help primary producers, fishing enterprises and small rural businesses in rural areas who are experiencing financial hardship and have no source of financial advice. The program also incorporates new funding for short-term financial counselling projects to target specific regional or industry adjustment issues, either in conjunction with an existing community-based service or as a separate project instigated by an industry group or region.


Young People's Rural Networks GrantsA grants program open to any not for profit community organisation that has 18-35 year olds who work in agriculture, fisheries, forestry, food, natural resource management or related industries as its members.


(4) I am not prepared to authorise the expenditure of resources and effort that would be involved in breaking down the information sought into the electoral divisions requested.