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Wednesday, 13 March 2002
Page: 1230

Mr MOSSFIELD (9:52 AM) —I would like to advise the House of a number of activities of the Dean Park Neighbourhood Development Committee. This committee is one of a number of such organisations spread throughout the electorate of Greenway, which provides the community with social and practical support. I had the pleasure of attending the AGM of this committee last year, and I congratulate all committee members on their election. On that occasion I presented a number of appreciation certificates to volunteers who were part of the community and who had assisted local residents during the previous 12 months. I want to commend Evelina Flores, the president of the committee, and her outstanding team of committee members and volunteers who work so tirelessly for their local community.

Some of the activities of the Dean Park committee during 2001, as identified in the annual report, were the introduction of new group activities including senior groups, folk art, competitions, cultural, recreational and social activities. Ongoing support was also provided to people with disabilities and carer support groups. Other group activities at the centre included the Arabic Women's Group and the Blacktown Roving Child Care Group. Some practical work of the committee over the past 12 months has been the refurbishment of the neighbourhood centre and the acquisition of new and more modern office equipment to resource the many activities of the centre. This has enabled the committee to do in-house much of the work that was previously outsourced, at a considerable saving.

One of the major achievements of the committee has been greater involvement in the activities of local communities. Part of the role of the management committee has been to facilitate the work of local organisations such as Neighbourhood Watch, park committees and resident action groups, who have all utilised the facilities of the Dean Park Community Centre. This has enabled the local community to be self-reliant regarding home and personal security, the local environment and also to be proactive in influencing appropriate development in the area.

Public meetings on issues affecting the whole community, such as the Western Sydney Orbital, were also held at the centre. Arising out of the orbital meeting, representations were made to the RTA concerning the need for sound barriers to be installed around the Dean Park flyover, the beautification of sound barriers and the need to plant mature trees. A major concern for local residents is the increase in carbon monoxide fumes as a result of the heavy traffic expected on the orbital. The RTA has recognised that these genuine concerns of local residents need to be addressed in the early planning stages of the orbital. The Dean Park Neighbourhood Development Committee is a great example of locals working hard for the betterment of their local communities. I wish them every success in their endeavours in the future.