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Wednesday, 29 August 2001
Page: 30494

Mr LEE (12:14 PM) —Is the minister prepared to write to any university that he alleges has a completion rate for postgraduate students of less than 20 per cent and ask them to give him permission to release their names? Is the minister prepared to write to the institutions that he is using to justify the changes he is making, to ask them if they will agree to have their names released? I do find it strange that a minister who lectures us endlessly about the need to release statistics on literacy and numeracy is prepared to use examples in this House of universities that he believes are not doing enough to ensure high completion rates but is not prepared to provide us with the information. That is the first point, Minister: would you be prepared to write to the institutions concerned, asking them if they will agree to release their names?

The second point, Minister, is that, despite several commitments made on a number of occasions in the Senate, you and your department have not yet released the report that was prepared on completions. I ask if you would be prepared to give the opposition a copy of the report on completions, which I expect does not mention the names of the various institutions. Can we at least have a copy of the report that has been promised to us on so many occasions?