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Wednesday, 22 August 2001
Page: 30040

Mr HARDGRAVE (9:49 AM) —I rise to report to the House on the parlous activities of the Brisbane City Council. Yet again, they are trying to turn parts of my electorate into another Coorparoo, with high density housing and flats and units now proposed for the Holland Park West and Tarragindi area around the Holland Park West Busway bus station. The Brisbane City Council simply have a philosophical hatred of backyards and with it the families that would like to play and maintain a reasonable traditional Australian lifestyle within them.

This is a real example of the Brisbane City Council being out of touch on this issue. They have written to some of the property owners in and around the Busway station and have told them that a change to the town plan will mean that they will be able to densify their housing site; in other words, sell their homes to developers, providing they have been built since 1946, and in their place developers can put up six packs of units, two- and three-storey brick monstrosities to replace wonderful suburban household living.

It is quite distressing to the residents to know that those on the other side of the road from those who received a letter from the Brisbane City Council were not even given the courtesy of any sort of notice about these matters. The Brisbane City Council and Lord Mayor Soorley, as the member for Fisher suggests, has an absolutely well-documented close relationship with developers. This is what it is all about: favoured treatment to some who of course contribute highly to the Labor Party's campaign in city hall and other efforts. It is all about higher density and trying to devalue traditional Australian housing blocks in and around suburbs like Tarragindi and Holland Park. They do not understand that when there are two cars per household on average and you replace it with six households in a six-pack unit development you have got 12 cars but they only provide parking for six places. There might be three single people living in that place, so you might have 18 cars where there were once two in a certain area. Where do the extra cars go? Out on the streets, and parking is already a huge problem.

If the council wants to try and get more people on the Busway and it has got problems with car parking facilities, build a car park. That is what the local residents are saying to me: build a car park but do not ruin the backyard style living. Do not ruin the fact that local schools like Holland Park High, Wellers Hill State School and Marshall Road State School have been enjoying increasing numbers, not decreasing numbers. In other words, families are moving into this area but the Brisbane City Council wants to drive them out. I will be working with local residents to make the point to ensure that pre-1946 homes do not just become museum pieces and the integrity of this area, with its lovely city views and its great family style suburban lifestyle, is preserved against the Soorley administration and their `pro-developer at all costs' approach.