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Thursday, 7 December 2000
Page: 23730

Mr REITH (Leader of the House) (11:02 PM) —Mr Speaker, may I interrupt before the Manager of Opposition Business speaks. The latest on the deliberations of the Senate is that the Senate are currently considering the renewable energy legislation. They are expecting to return to the Gene Technology Bill 2000 at 11.30 or quarter to 12, and they have just short of 40 amendments still to deal with. The whip, the Manager of Opposition Business and I—and anybody else who is particularly interested—intend to review the situation at around 12.30. Then we might have to make a decision as to whether we think the Senate are actually going to conclude matters tonight. It is still my view that, provided it is not totally unreasonable, we should try to finish, whatever hour it is, because most people have said that they would like to get away, but we will review it at about 12.30 when we have a better idea of what is happening, and we will keep you informed. Thank you for allowing me to interrupt.

Consideration resumes.