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Wednesday, 20 October 1999
Page: 11981

Ms MACKLIN —My question is to the Minister for Health and Aged Care. Minister, do you recall telling the House yesterday:

I believe the majority of cases will be shown by being backdated or by being non-binding contracts that were shown to be binding.

Minister, if backdating or non-binding contracts account for the majority of pre-budget MRI contracts, what accounts for the remainder? Of the 13 that you say today have been cleared or are expected to be cleared, have these contracts been investigated for insider knowledge?

Dr WOOLDRIDGE (Health and Aged Care) —The Health Insurance Commission have turned up no evidence at all that anyone had any inside information. What they have turned up is what I have been saying all along: that there appears to be evidence in a majority of cases—enough to warrant a reference to the DPP—and a very high degree of suspicion in other cases but not enough, and absolutely no evidence at all that anyone had any inside knowledge.