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Thursday, 2 September 1999
Page: 9849

Mr ALBANESE (5:58 PM) —In the short time available, I rise to respond to the extraordinary statements of the member for Kalgoorlie who in response to a request from the Minister for Community Services comes in and attacks my colleague the member for Lilley, who has put on record in this House the fact that over 100 files were found in a dump bin in Brisbane. The fact is: we put questions to the Minister for Community Services over a number of days and we did not have any answers. And he has the hide to come in here and ask questions of the member for Lilley. It is up to the Minister for Community Services and the government to respond to this issue.

After question time today, the Minister for Employment Services made a statement that they were CES files—as though that made it better and that that was the issue. The issue is privacy. The issue is the failure of this government to protect the privacy of clients. The issue is the failure of these ministers to even talk to each other. It is up to the member for Kalgoorlie. He came in here and, in the middle of a speech on nuclear waste dumps, said, `It's okay because they were only CES files.' I do not think the clients think it is okay.

Mr SPEAKER —Order! It being 6 p.m., the debate is interrupted.

Mr Anthony —Mr Speaker, I require that the debate be extended.

Mr SPEAKER —The debate may continue until 6.10 p.m.