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Monday, 21 June 1999
Page: 6831

Mr PYNE —I rise again in the 90-second statement debate, as I did two weeks ago, to congratulate the federal government on their generosity to South Australia in the recent budget. As you would remember then, I congratulated the government on building the Federal Court building on Victoria Square at a cost of $73 million. Today I want to congratulate them for allocating $20 million for the upgrade of Portrush Road. As you would know, Mr Speaker, Portrush Road is in desperate need of upgrading between Magill Road and Greenhill Road. That money has been promised by successive Labor governments for 13 to 15 years. Finally, we have come up with the goods. Building is expected to start in the next two years with $6 million allocated for next financial year and $1.6 million for this financial year.

I would sound a note of caution, however, that the people who are looking forward to the upgrade of Portrush Road should remember that the federal government's role is to provide the funding to the states and the states then actually upgrade the road and do that work. The federal government hands over the money and the states implement it. I hope the people who live on Portrush Road and those who live around those suburbs who are concerned will join with me in ensuring that the state government applies our funds as successfully as we hope, in a sensitive way and in a way that does not damage the environment in the Portrush Road area.

I would also like to congratulate the federal government because we are a step closer to ensuring that the National Highway No. 1 that runs through Portrush Road is a highway that does not cause difficulties for the residents in the area. (Time expired)