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Thursday, 13 May 1999
Page: 5477

Mr SAWFORD (12:03 PM) —I live on the Lefevre Peninsula in my electorate of Port Adelaide. It is a suburb that began some 20 years ago with a very attractive marina but is situated adjacent to a working port. There is an island off the peninsula called Torrens Island which has a power station. The constituents who live on the Lefevre Peninsula are very unhappy with the Olsen government in South Australia. The reason for their unhappiness is an agreement with a British company called National Power about building a power station on the Lefevre Peninsula on one of the most beautiful vistas of ocean you have ever seen in your life—undeveloped, acknowledged but beautiful vistas.

The community are just shocked. On Mother's Day 2,000 people came out to the foreshore of Semaphore and listened to a range of speakers who included the mayor of Port Adelaide Enfield, Johanna McLuskey; the state member for Port Adelaide, Kevin Foley; me as the federal member; and a Democrat, Sandra Kanck. Jack Mundey came over because he has recognised that this particular environmental issue is in fact a very serious one.

It is not that the people on the peninsula are against the power stations; they already have power stations on the peninsula. They are against the location, the technology, and the reasons why this has occurred.

There is another group in South Australia who desperately want this power station. They are the people of Whyalla. Whyalla, like a lot of regional cities, has suffered a downturn in population and employment activity. There is no question that Whyalla could very well do with a 250-megawatt or even up to a 400-megawatt power station. It is something which the people in my electorate support. But the Olsen government has ignored the people at this stage. In fact, one of their own backbenchers, a fellow called Peter Lewis, a country member and head of the Public Works Committee, is also very angry with his own government about the lack of process in this particular development of a power station. It is quite clear the reasons are wrong and they are not simply stated. The power station could be at Whyalla. The power station could be alongside the existing one at Torrens Island.

The technology is wrong. You would be very pleased, if you came down to my electorate, to see the dolphins. They are all known by name. People actually know these dolphins by name. (Time expired)

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr Nehl) —Order! The time allowed for debate has expired. The committee stands adjourned until a day and hour to be announced by the Deputy Speaker.

Main Committee adjourned at 12.06 p.m.