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Wednesday, 15 July 1998
Page: 6177

Bill returned from the Senate with an amendment.

Ordered that the amendment be taken into consideration forthwith.

Senate's amendment—

(1) Schedule 1, item 3, page 7 (after line 13), after section 76, insert:

76A Notification of extension to the Secretary, Health and Family Services

In respect of each application for an extension approved by the Commissioner under section 76 in a financial year, the patent holder must lodge with the Secretary of the Department, before the end of the following financial year, a return setting out the following information:

(a) details of the amount and origin of any Commonwealth funds spent in the research and development of the drug which was the subject of the application; and

(b) the name of any body:

(i) with which the applicant has a contractual agreement; and

(ii) which is in receipt of Commonwealth funds; and

(c) the total amount spent on each type of research and development, including pre-clinical research and clinical trials, in respect of the drug which was the subject of the application.