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Monday, 1 June 1998
Page: 4258

Mr EOIN CAMERON —On 25 September 1995 in this place I mentioned the latest Chinese nuclear tests and what the French were doing at Mururoa, the spate of earthquakes on the Pacific Rim and also the volcanic eruptions in Montserrat and New Zealand. I am no scientist but I know the odds are pretty high that if I hit an eggshell with a teaspoon 11 times some serious cracking might occur. By the same token, the earth's crust is equally fragile. I am told the earth's crust of the whole Indian subcontinent region, including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and the Himalayas, is as fragile as an eggshell on a grander scale. Eleven nuclear detonations in a short period of time are infinitely more powerful than a tap with a spoon.

I have heard so-called experts say that there is no correlation between underground nuclear explosions and earthquakes in the same region a few days later. It may be so, but I find it passing strange that such a destructive earthquake should hit Afghanistan coinciding with these enormous underground explosions. Who knows how many thousands of people are dead as a result.

This is a matter that affects all humans and all countries, not just the warmongers of Pakistan and India. Underground nuclear explosions must be halted now and halted for all time. I would hate to come back into this chamber after the next nuclear explosion and subsequent devastating earthquake to say, `I told you so.'