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Monday, 1 June 1998
Page: 4241

Mr SPEAKER —In accordance with the trials of various parts of the procedures, there are a number that are still continuing. As members would be aware, the distinguished visitors gallery is available, and there are seats available for members at all stages of the day, the purpose being to try to ensure that there are some people on the floor of the House, in addition to those who are members, but behind us and not within the prescribed area.

There will also be a technician at the rear of the House to adjust sound volumes during the question period. This week Hansard is going to have one supervisor at the central table, and there will be other reporters according to where Hansard feels it is best. I am aware of some difficulties in trying to ensure that Hansard can hear in those positions, but we are still trying them for the purpose of trying to ensure that we get the best position. I should point out that there has been a very large sum of money spent on new technical equipment for Hansard, and there is a suggestion that perhaps they should be able to therefore get by without all reporters at the table.

Finally, if members have any comments or views on these changes, I would be very happy to receive them because it is my intention to discuss them with the Leader of the House (Mr Reith), the Manager of Opposition Business (Mr Crean) the Chief Government Whip (Mr Andrew) and the Chief Opposition Whip (Mr Leo McLeay) later this week to test whether or not they are practical.