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Tuesday, 26 May 1998
Page: 3808

Mr Martin Ferguson asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Minister for Trade, upon notice, on 2 March 1998:

(1) Has the Minister or the Minister's Department provided grants to the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) or bodies related to the ACCI since 2 March 1996; if so, in each case, (i) what was the nature of the grant; and (ii) for what purposes was it provided; and what total sum was provided.

(2) To what boards, committees or other bodies for which the Minister has portfolio responsibility have (a) Mr Mark Patterson, the chief executive of ACCI, or (b) other officers or staff of ACCI been appointed since 2 March 1996.

(3) What sums has the Commonwealth paid in sitting fees, board fees, travel costs and related expenses with respect to each appointment referred to in part (2).

Mr Downer (Foreign Affairs) —As indicated above the honourable member has asked identical questions of both ministers. The following answer is provided on behalf of both ministers:

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

(1) No grants have been provided to ACCI by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

(2) (a) Nil.

(b) According to the 1997 Annual Report of the ACCI, Mr Harold Clough was a member of the Board of the ACCI until the end of 1997. Mr Clough was appointed to the Advisory Panel for the White Paper on Australia's Foreign and Trade Policy in August 1996. The work of the Advisory Panel ceased with publication of the White Paper in August 1997.

(3) According to our records, Mr Clough received a total of $4969 for his attendance at three meetings of the White Paper Advisory Panel. This covered airfares from Perth and travelling allowance of $200 per overnight stay.


(1) No grants have been provided to ACCI by Austrade.

(a) Nil.

(b) An ACCI representative has been a member of the Export Access Management Committee from inception of the Export Access program in October 1991.

(3) Nil.


(1) (a) (i) A grant was approved as part of the ASEAN Australian Economic Cooperation Program (AAECP) Linkages Stream in February 1997 by the Joint Linkages Stream Appraisal Panel (JLSAP) in Jakarta. The Linkages Stream program funds small-scale short duration activities that aim to promote economic cooperation between ASEAN and Australia by establishing cooperative and joint activities involving the private, research, academic and government sectors in ASEAN and Australia. Linkages Stream activities contribute towards enhanced trade and investment links between ASEAN and Australia as well as contribute to sustainable development and economic growth in ASEAN.

AusAID contributions for activities range from a minimum of $A25,000 and will generally not exceed $A250,000. Funds for successful proposals will be provided up to a maximum of 60% of total eligible project costs and will be provided in arrears.

(ii) The approved proposal involved the following three main objectives:

To develop commercial opportunities between Small Medium Enterprises (SME) in Australia and in regional areas in ASEAN through an exchange of missions by business people with targeted business interests with particular regard to training and technology transfer opportunities;

To assess and report on commercial prospects for Australian SME in the regional areas nominated (cities in Indonesia and Vietnam) to form the basis for development of a regional SME business linkages strategy with these areas; and

To strengthen and expand the trade facilitation network between State and regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Australia and counterpart business associations in ASEAN through mutually beneficial commercial exchange.

(b) AusAID agreed to fund the proposal to the value of $174,042 (60% of agreed `eligible activity costs'). The project is scheduled for completion 31 May 1998. AusAID signed an agreement under the AAECP Linkages Stream program in July 1997 with the Victorian Employer's Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI). The project has since attracted one progress payment of $77,456 on 16 March 1998.

(2) Nil.

(3) Nil.