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Thursday, 30 October 1997
Page: 10433

(Question No. 2303)

Mr McClelland asked the Minister for Transport and Regional Development, upon notice, on 1 September 1997:

(1) Does the Minister's Department have agencies, instrumentalities or installations bordering on the Georges River, NSW; if so, do they use the river for disposal of waste, chemical, debris or effluent.

(2) How many persons are employed at each establishment identified in part (1).

(3) Is action being taken by the Minister's Department to stop the instrumentalities or installations from polluting the Georges River, if so, what.

Mr Vaile —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) Yes; Bankstown Airport, one of the Federal Airports Corporation (FAC) airports, is near the Georges River. Bankstown does not use the Georges River to dispose of waste, chemicals, debris or effluent.

(2) Approximately 2800 people in various businesses across the airport.

(3) Bankstown Airport has an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) in place covering environmental interaction and potential impact of the airport on the environment. In general, the scope of the EMP covers these activities occurring within the Airport boundaries other than those associated with aircraft movements and operations. The Georges River, and its close proximity to the airport is addressed within the EMP, and steps have been taken to ensure that aviation activities do not have an environmental impact upon the Georges River.

Under the EMP, tenants are audited every two years to determine any impact they may have on the local environment, storm water discharges and ground water are regularly monitored, FAC staff are trained on environmental issues annually and pollution absorbent booms have been installed at all stormwater outlets in order to contain any contaminants that may accidentally enter the stormwater system.