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Wednesday, 22 October 1997
Page: 9566

The following notices were given:

Mr Miles to present a bill for an act to amend the States Grants (General Purposes) Act 1994.

Mr Somlyay to move:

That, in accordance with section 5 of the Parliament Act 1974 , the House approves the following proposal for work in the Parliamentary Zone which was presented to the House on 21 October 1997, namely: Administrative Building—Lowering of parapets.

Mr Price to move:

That this House:

(1)   deplores the imposition of accommodation bonds on Australia's frail aged seeking nursing home placement;

(2)   notes that the Government has slashed funding from nursing homes by $500 million;

(3)   expresses concern that accommodation bonds have no upper limit and may be as high as $250 000; and

(4)   regrets that these measures may result in increased:

(a)   incidence of elderly persons dying at home uncared for;

(b)   elder abuse; and

(c)   suicide.

Mr Hollis to move:

That this House:

(1)   recognises that 14 November 1997 was World Diabetes Day;

(2)   commends the Government for its recognition of the seriousness of diabetes in making it one of the five health priorities;

(3)   recognises that an increasing proportion of the Australian population is affected by diabetes, in that every twelve minutes someone, somewhere in Australia is diagnosed with this chronic disease; and

(4)   urges the Government to continue funding research into diabetes and the National Diabetes Strategy and to promote a widespread education campaign through Diabetes Australia to alert the population of the risks of developing the disease.