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Monday, 25 August 1997
Page: 6822

(Question No. 1765)

Mr Campbell asked the Minister for Defence Industry, Science and Personnel, upon notice, on 28 May 1997:

(1) Have contracted doctors and nurses at the Second Field Hospital at Enoggera been paid in recent weeks; if not, why not.

(2) Do contracted doctors and nurses have to wait 8 weeks before being paid; if so, why.

(3) Are Army reservists in Queensland experiencing long delays before payment; if so, why.

(4) How long is the pay period for Army reservists.

Mrs Bishop —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) Yes.

(2) No. A Contract Health Practitioner's first payment, after commencement of a contracted period, may take up to five weeks as payment is made on a monthly basis. While there have been occasions when the wages of Contract Health Practitioners at 2nd Field Hospital have been delayed, this delay has not been beyond one week. In all cases the problem was identified and corrected.

(3) No. The Army Regional Pay Advisers in Brisbane have advised that they are not aware of any delays in paying Army Reserve personnel in Queensland. However, if names and units of personnel experiencing delays in payment can be provided, a further check will be undertaken.

(4) An Army Reserve member is entitled to payment of salary as follow:

(a) in the case of a member who attends a camp of continuous training, a military school or course for a period not exceeding 6 days—as soon as practicable after the conclusion of the camp, school or course;

(b) in the case of a member who attends the above for a period exceeding 6 days—on a day approved by the formation commander and on a day as soon as practicable after the conclusion of the camp, school or course;

(c) in the case of a member who is discharged—as soon as practicable after the date of discharge;

(d) in the case of a member who has no civil employment and who requests the issue of salary on a day—on the day approved by the member's commanding officer; and

(e) in any other case—monthly.