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Monday, 25 August 1997
Page: 6813

(Question No. 1723)

Mr Peter Morris asked the Minister for Transport and Regional Development, upon notice, on 14 May 1997:

(1) Have the port state control inspection procedures in respect of ships carrying livestock been enhanced; if so (a) why and (b) how.

(2) If the procedures have been enhanced, (a) what have been the results of the strengthened procedures, (b) what ships have been involved, (c) by whom were they owned and managed and (d) in which countries were they registered.

Mr Sharp —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) (a) The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) introduced an enhanced inspection program for livestock carriers because of two specific incidents involving livestock carriers that had loaded at Australian ports:

-   in August 1996 Uniceb caught fire at sea and subsequently sank; and

-   in November 1996 Guernsey Express foundered during heavy weather.

(b) The criteria have been broadened beyond those used for port State control surveys. A newly formed specialist surveyor team now target livestock carriers basing their inspections on factors such as age of the vessel, number of previously reported port State control deficiencies, past

livestock carriage records, adverse reports from other administrations and/or other Australian Government agencies.

During the inspection, the specialist team can now pay more attention to the closing arrangements associated with bow and stern doors, cargo ports and similar openings and make sure the ship complies with the AMSA approved Livestock Capacity Plan as specified in Marine Orders Part 43. Under the enhanced inspection program, a ships' Livestock Capacity Plan Certificate of Approval, which permits livestock carriers to trade in Australia, can be withdrawn by AMSA if defects revealed in inspections are not rectified by the dates stipulated.

2 (a) Three vessels have been inspected under the enhanced inspections program and it is too early to come to any conclusions about the results of the new program. However, AMSA considers that the newly formed team has enabled more thorough examinations of livestock carriers and has ensured that those carriers are complying with relevant international conventions and Marine Orders Part 43.

2 (b) The ships inspected under the new arrangements to date have been:

(i) El Cordero

(ii) Kalymnian Express

(iii) Cyrus

2 (c & d) Our records show that the owners, managers and country of registration for the ships identified in 2(b) are as follows:

ShipsOwned byManaged byCountry of registry
El CorderoVize Cia Maritima SA PanamaAccord Ship ManagementPanama
Kalymnian ExpressKalymnian Shipping Pte LtdFortcab P/L DarwinPanama
CyrusInternational Establishment for Food SecurityFares Enterprises P/LLebanon