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Wednesday, 25 June 1997
Page: 6290

Mr CREAN(4.46 p.m.) —The sugar industry has been dudded by this government—

Motion (by Mr Ruddock) put:

That the member be not further heard.

   A division having been called and the bells being rung—

Mr Lee —Mr Deputy Speaker, I have a point of order. My point of order is that there was an intervening debate, given that comments were made by the member for Hotham. Therefore, in accordance with the Speaker's previous rulings, there should be a standard division.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr Jenkins) —I thank the member for Dobell for his not too unexpected point of order on this. I have read the Speaker's ruling. Past practice in similar situations—where the seconder had been called upon to second the motion and the question that the member be no longer heard had immediately been put—had been that a division had been called for with the one-minute ringing of the bells. That being the case, I have decided on this occasion that we would use the new sessional orders 203 and 203A.