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Tuesday, 24 June 1997
Page: 6204

(Question No. 1694)

Mrs Crosio asked the Minister for Veterans' Affairs, upon notice, on 13 May 1997:

Did the Minister or a member of the Minister's staff contact the Chief Minister of the ACT or a member of the Chief Minister's staff, to convey the Minister's objections over the use of the word "peace" in the title of a Canberra park which was intended to be named "The Canberra-Nara Peace Park"; if so, (a) what were the Minister's reasons for objecting to the use of the word "peace" in the name of the park and (b) what conditions would have to be present for the Minister to consider it appropriate for a park which recognises the firm and ongoing friendship between Australian and Japanese "sister cities" to have the word "peace" included in a park's title.

Mr Bruce Scott —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:


(a) and (b) I received representations from the Returned & Services League which raised concerns about the park, including the lack of community consultation about its development, and I took the view that these concerns were sufficiently serious for me to take action. The Government's view is that, in matters such as this, the sensitivities of those directly affected need to be taken into account and appropriate consultations undertaken.