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Monday, 26 May 1997
Page: 4072

(Question No. 1417)

Mr Laurie Ferguson asked the Minister for Health and Family Services, upon notice, on 3 March 1997:

(1) Has the Minister undertaken ministerial travel overseas since 18 September 1996; if so (a) how many visits has the Minister undertaken, (b) what was the duration of each visit and (c) which countries were visited.

(2) What has been the cost of each overseas visit the Minister has undertaken since entering the Ministry.

(3) Has the Minister utilised frequent flyer points for overseas or internal flights on official business in accordance with the direction issued by the Minister for Administrative Services in April 1996; if so, to what extent were points used and on which overseas visits were they used; if not, why not and what action is being undertaken.

Dr Wooldridge —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) Details of my ministerial travel overseas since 18 September 1996 are as follows:

(a) One.

(b) 5 days.

(c) Indonesia.

(2) The costs of each of my overseas visits since entering the Ministry are at Attachment A.

(3) Yes, they have been used internally.


1 *New Zealand22-26 July 1996$4,384
2USA and UK26 August—9 September 1996$55,036
3Jakarta, Indonesia22-26 October 1996$8,438

*   Senator the Hon Bob Woods represented the Hon Michael Wooldridge MP in New Zealand in July 1996.