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Wednesday, 5 March 1997
Page: 2026

Mr LLOYD —Mr Speaker, are you aware of the difficulties being encountered by many members in this place in accessing a working photocopier? As you would know, backbench members do not have photocopying facilities in their parliamentary offices and rely entirely on the photocopiers throughout the building. Could you ascertain the age of these copiers, the number of copies they have produced and the considerable amount of time these photocopiers are inoperable? My staff and I on many occasions have been forced to walk up and down two flights of stairs to find a working photocopier. For the majority of this parliamentary year, the second floor photocopier in the vicinity of my office—which, I have reliably been informed, has produced almost three-quarters of a million copies—has been inoperable. Mr Speaker, I seek your support on this concern.

Mr SPEAKER —I thank the honourable member for Robertson for his question. Members are generally aware that we do have some problems with the age and the operating performance of existing photocopiers. I understand that, in the area that you have brought to my attention, there is a photocopier being replaced this day. Strenuous efforts are being taken to redeploy existing assets, and we have a very significant replacement program, hopefully within our budgetary capacity, for later this year.