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Thursday, 12 December 1996
Page: 8960

(Question No. 936)

Mr Bevis asked the Minister representing the Minister for Communications and the Arts, upon notice, on 6 November 1996:

(1) Is the Minister able to state how many Queensland based production and broadcast staff of Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) (a) television and (b) radio were (i) employed or (ii) on contract in June 1996.

(2) If so, where were the staff located.

(3) Will the numbers and location of staff vary in 1996-97; if so, how.

(4) Which Queensland based programs in June 1996 will cease by the end of 1996-97.

Mr Warwick Smith —The Minister for Communications and the Arts has provided the following answer to the honourable member's question:

(1) and (2)(a) Television

      News, Stateline, 7.30 Report—25

      Australian Story—6



      Production Support—68


      Management-including Finance/Publicity/          Training—6


All TV staff in Queensland are located in Brisbane other than a journalist and camera operator in Rockhampton and Townsville.

(b) Radio

   Brisbane   Regional

Journalist/Reporters   37   29

Broadcasters   54   38

Alphatec   14   2

Admin Support   5   0

   110   69

Of the above, only four staff were on contract.

(3) The total loss of ABC Local Radio (Metropolitan and Regional) staff overall by the end of June 1997 is likely to be around 12, mostly from Brisbane, although more could follow soon after.

Between June 1996 and June 1997, television will have reduced its staff by approximately 10 in Brisbane.

(4) ABC Radio

At this stage, it is known that only the 4QR and Regional night-time radio program will be networked and this will come out of Sydney. The two separate afternoon programs on 4QR and Queensland regionals are being amalgamated.

ABC Television

`Backchat' will be moved to the South Australian branch and will be a completely new production with a different presenter.