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Tuesday, 17 September 1996
Page: 4488

Mr LATHAM(10.50 p.m.) —This evening I am pleased to join with the member for Hughes (Mrs Vale) who, at the conclusion of her remarks last night on the adjournment debate, said:

Sadly, with a margin of only 1.5 per cent, there is little hope that Jackie Kelly . . . will be able to regain her place as the member for Lindsay.

Spot on. Absolutely spot on! The member for Hughes knows, as do the people of Lindsay, that Jackie Kelly should not regain her place in this House.

It is self-evident, of course. What are the people of Lindsay to think about a member who is either incompetent or greedy in filling out her forms and nominating for the federal division of Lindsay at the last election? She was either incompetent in not knowing the constitution, not knowing the rules and not knowing the proper method by which she could nominate, or she was greedy. It is interesting to note the comments that Laurie Oakes made in the Bulletin on 6 August. He said:


talking about Jackie Kelly—

had been briefed by the Liberal Party machine on the office of profit issue and lodged her resignation and other paperwork in plenty of time. But then apparently defence department bureaucrats advised her that some financial entitlements would be affected unless she delayed things for a while.

She was greedy. She put her own financial interests ahead of the Australian constitution, ahead of the people of Lindsay and ahead of the taxpayers that have got to fund hundreds of thousands of dollars of extra expense to fund this by-election.

I would have thought that all those Liberal Party members with their pious claptrap this week about Jackie Kelly would understand that she put her greed ahead of them. She put her greed ahead of the Liberal Party. That is hardly surprising because Jackie Kelly, of course, reflects all the things that have gone wrong with the Liberal Party in the 1990s. She joined about five minutes before the election. This old-style walk in, walk out, no commitment, no passion, no real politics Liberal Party: she joined this crew about five minutes before the election and then put personal greed ahead of any commitment whatsoever to your side of politics. She stands condemned for that.

Mr Miles interjecting—

Mr LATHAM —The Parliamentary Secretary (Cabinet) to the Prime Minister is from the Lyons Forum. He got tossed out of the fibro church in Burnie one day and he signed up with the Liberal Party—walk in, walk out. He talks about policy. This is what Jackie Kelly had to say about policy on 30 May:

If substantial cuts are to be made, then the view of the MPs in the region is that the cuts should fall on the older and more established sandstone universities and not on new ones like the University of Western Sydney.

Jackie Kelly staked her policy reputation, her ability to deliver, on not having substantial cuts made to the University of Western Sydney. What happened in the budget? There was a swingeing five per cent cut to the growth places at the University of Western Sydney. On 28 May in this House Jackie Kelly said:

The Sydney west orbital will go ahead as already planned.

In the budget a $500 million road program was cut out of the electorate of Lindsay, cut out of the greater western Sydney region. That was contrary to the statement that the then member for Lindsay made in this House on 28 May. You talk about policy, you talk about her ability to deliver. What about the $800 million cut in public hospitals, which will have a dramatic effect on the Nepean Hospital in her former electorate?

What about the child-care cuts? Lindsay is not an electorate with a white picket fence. Lindsay is not a seat where the Lyons Forum and your pious claptrap about family values dominates. It is a seat where 53 per cent of families are double income earners. They rely on child care. It is not a matter of choice, it is not a matter of religion, it is not a matter of the Lyons Forum; it is a matter of absolute economic necessity. You have cut those child-care services away, hurting people in the seat of Lindsay.

What about the pharmaceutical costs? What about the nursing home costs? What about the loss of road funding? What about her promise to do away with the Badgerys Creek airport? Now it will be 30 per cent bigger, snuck into the EIS guidelines by the Minister for Transport and Regional Development (Mr Sharp).

The Liberal Party talk a lot about individual employment contracts. I would seriously urge the people of Lindsay to apply these tests to Jackie Kelly's individual employment contract. Did she deliver on universities? No. Did she deliver on child care? No. Did she deliver on road funding? No. Did she deliver on the airport? No. Did she deliver on pharmaceutical and nursing home costs? No. Do not renew her individual employment contract. She is a gross failure. She is incompetent. She is greedy. She does not deserve to be re-elected.