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Tuesday, 25 June 1996
Page: 2725

Mr CAMPBELL(10.47 p.m.) —The other day in the Senate, Senator Boswell sought to attack me. Senator Boswell has tried to make a name for himself as a man battling what he sees as the Far Right influence in the National Party. Senator Boswell is one of those unfortunate people with very little real substance.

In his wide-ranging attack, he attacked a member of AAFI, Denis McCormack. I know Denis McCormack very well. I do not resile from that; he is certainly a friend of mine. Denis McCormack, unlike Senator Boswell, has on two occasions gone to China to teach in rural areas, an occupation that certainly is not financially rewarding. As a result, he speaks fluent Mandarin. Senator Boswell would never bother to get that far involved in anyone else's culture. In the course of his diatribe he talks about a statement he attributes to AAFI and he infers that it comes from Denis McCormack. It says:

My policies on refugees and illegals is to reopen the second Yallah meatworks, creating up to 500 local jobs, and convert them to blood and bone.

This comes as a result of a statement to the local immigration and ethnic affairs committee when it sent out a questionnaire. A response came from a fellow called `Zero'. It was black humour and it was quite clearly facetious. It was shown to be so. The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission would not tackle it. The immigration department did write to AAFI and were quite embarrassed about it and said that they considered there was no problem there. I add that in that letter `Zero' also suggested he himself be converted to blood and bone to help fertilise a barren continent. It was clearly a facetious thing.

Senator Boswell also links me to a Jack McLamb. I have never heard of this gentleman. He also says that Mr McLamb had a seminar in Melbourne which was attended by AAFI in Denis McCormack. I have checked with Mr McCormack. At no stage was he there and to his knowledge no-one else from AAFI was ever present at that meeting. Senator Boswell's authority is Adam Indikt from the Australia Israel Review. I suggest to the good senator that he check his references in future because the Australia Israel Review is in my view one of the grubbiest, most racist organisations in the state and certainly is extremely unreliable.

Senator Boswell might also have mentioned in his diatribe that Don Veitch was at one stage very much involved in the Citizens Electoral Council and was a long-time employee of Senator Short. Andrew Campbell, ex-ASIO, worked for Ken Aldred. It is from Andrew Campbell that I believe Senator Boswell got most of his information on the League of Rights.

I have been very critical of LaRouche. I did sign a petition for LaRouche because I am, at heart, a civil libertarian. I told the LaRouche organisation that at that stage I thought they were fruit loops. I now believe they are extortionists and probably worse. I point out to Senator Boswell that the only people countering the evil activities of the Citizens Electoral Council in the bush are in fact the League of Rights and not Senator Boswell.

I did try to call the member for Longman (Mr Brough) to say that I would be mention ing him in passing. I could not get the call after he attacked me in the parliament the other day. I would just like to point out to Mr Brough that 38.74 per cent of the primary vote is not a safe seat any more. He might feel that with 61.59 per cent of two-party preferred he is safe. I can assure him that there will be a drift back to the Labor Party. With the National Party in disarray, he could very well find himself on a very fine margin in the future. (Time expired)