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Thursday, 3 February 1994
Page: 323

Mr KNOTT —It is with some regret that I am here today. I would prefer to be in Lakemba at this point in time. Mr Speaker, you would understand why. It is because of the death of a person known to both you and me—a man by the name of Matt Gure who was a public servant of extreme ability, a person who gave great service to our nation, and a person who was diligent in his duty, conscious of the people that we represent and did a great service to them. The funeral service is currently taking place in the Lakemba Mosque in Sydney. Unfortunately, I was not able to get leave to go to that funeral, and you are in the same position, Mr Speaker.

  Mr Speaker, with your permission, I would like to put it on the record of this House on your behalf, on my own behalf, on behalf of the honourable member for Throsby (Mr Hollis), on behalf of the honourable member for the Northern Territory (Mr Snowdon) and on behalf of the Minister for Employment, Education and Training (Mr Crean) that we valued this man. We valued his service to Australia, and we will continue to value his service and honour his name whenever it comes up.

  He was truly a great Australian. He was a person who gave his all—one of the legion of public servants who do a magnificent job but very rarely get the credit for what they do. I would hope that his family and those people who are sorely missing him understand the respect that he was held in by this House, by his work mates and by the people who had any dealings with him.