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Tuesday, 1 February 1994
Page: 110

(Question Nos 796 and 803)

Mr Hawker asked the Minister representing the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister representing the Minister for Trade, upon notice, on 17 December 1993:

  (1) How many cases of fraud did the Government uncover in the Department or any agency for which the Minister has portfolio responsibility in (a) 1991, (b) 1992 and (c) 1993.

  (2) How many cases were successfully prosecuted.

  (3) What sums were recovered in (a) 1991, (b) 1992 and (c) 1993 from fraud cases.

  (4) What percentage of the total loss from fraud does the recovered sum comprise.

  (5) How many persons in the Minister's Department or in agencies for which the Minister has portfolio responsibility have been removed from employment for involvement in fraud.

  (6) Is the Minister able to say whether any person referred to in part (5) is still employed in the Australian Public Service.

Mr Bilney —As indicated above, the honourable member has asked identical questions of both ministers. The following answer is provided on behalf of both ministers:

  The criteria used to list cases of fraud is that the frauds were committed by employees (internal fraud) and were referred to the police.

  The frauds listed below all relate to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. There were no internal frauds uncovered in the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade), the Australian International Development Assistance Bureau or the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research in 1991, 1992 or 1993.

  The frauds listed in answers 1(b) and 1(c) include 12 thefts in 1992 and 20 thefts in 1993 of assets ranging in value from $65 to $4,500. No records of thefts were maintained for 1991.

  (1) (a) 1991—2

  (b) 1992—17

  (c) 1993—24

  (2) (a) 1991—Nil

  (b) 1992—Nil

  (c) 1993—Nil (three cases currently under investigation)

  (3) (a) 1991—$4,573

  (b) 1992—$743

  (c) 1993—$1,036

  (4) (a) 1991—100.0%

  (b) 1992—0.3%

  (c) 1993—2.0%

  (5) (a) 1991—Nil

  (b) 1992—2 (One Public Servant and one locally engaged staff member at an overseas post)

  (c) 1993—1 (Locally engaged staff member at an overseas post)

  (6) No person referred to in the response to part (5) is still employed by the Australian Public Service.