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Tuesday, 1 February 1994
Page: 102

(Question No. 681)

Mr Prosser asked the Special Minister of State, upon notice, on 22 November 1993:

  Was he responsible for the production of a book entitled—Australia—Your Business Location in Asia; if so (a) what was the cost of preparing, printing and dispatching the book, (b) how many copies were printed, (c) to whom were the copies distributed, (d) how was the book delivered, (e) what was the cost of delivery, (f) how was the list of recipients determined, (g) how may regional headquarters are expected to relocate to Australia as a result of the strategy behind the publication; if none is expected, what other benefits are expected.

Mr Walker —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

  The publication, Australia—Your Business Location in Asia, was based on a consultancy undertaken by Business International, part of the worldwide Economist group. The consultancy was commissioned under the Government's Investment Promotion Program (IPP). The agency responsible at the time for the IPP and, hence, for initiating the consultancy was the then Department of Industry Technology and Commerce (DlTAC). However, with the establishment of the National Investment Council (NIC), of which I am Deputy Chair, responsibility for the IPP shifted to the Treasury Portfolio on 1 July 1993. Accordingly, completion of the consultancy and the ensuing publication and distribution of Australia—Your Business Location in Asia was undertaken by the Treasury, with myself as the responsible Minister.

  (a) Total cost for the design, production and printing and distribution of the publication and associated printed material was $155,185.

  (b) 6,000 copies.

  (c), (d), (e) & (f) Copies of the publication were distributed by post to Commonwealth, State and Territory Government investment promotion agencies for distribution through their domestic and international networks, key industry bodies involved in the development of the campaign, and all Federal Members of Parliament and Senators. In addition, press coverage from the launch of the RHQ campaign has itself generated a large number of requests for the publication from the corporate sector.

  (g) A target list of North American and European based multinational companies has been developed as the focus of the initial phase of the campaign over the next couple of years. No quantitative targets for the number of companies expected to relocate to Australia have been established for the campaign. Since the launch of the campaign, several companies have announced their decision to locate in Australia including, for example, HJ Heinz and Tandem Computers. Several other multinationals contacted under the campaign are currently giving serious consideration to locating RHQs in Australia. Further announcements are expected to be made following negotiations over the coming months.