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Tuesday, 1 February 1994
Page: 93

(Question No. 508)

Mr Connolly asked the Attorney-General, upon notice, on 20 October 1993:

  (1) Does the Minister's Department or any agency for which the Minister has portfolio responsibility have in-house video production facilities; if so:

  (a) what is the cost of the facilities,

  (b) how many persons are employed (i) full time or (ii) part time with the units operating the facilities and what are their salaries,

  (c) how many videos have been produced since 1990,

  (d) how many videos were for (i) training and (ii) other purposes,

  (e) what was the (i) title and (ii) cost of each video,

  (f) were any videos entered into competitions, and

  (g) does the Department assess the quality of the videos produced; if so how.

  (2) Has the Minister's Department contracted private sector firms to produce videos since 1990; if so, (a) how many videos and (b) what was the cost of each.

Mr Lavarch —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

  (1) Yes, the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation and Auscript have in-house video production facilities:

Australian Federal Police

  (a) Approximately $200,000.

  (b) The Video Operations Section employs three persons full time, one Sergeant and two constables. All three are on 24 hour call out for various operational duties. Combined salaries total approximately $115,000 p.a.

  (c) Approximately 190.

  (d) (i) None.

  (ii) Approximately 170 of the videos were produced for court purposes and 20 for Police information.

  (e) (i) The 170 videos produced for court purposes were untitled. Of the 20 remaining videos, 17 were of a classified nature produced for police operational purposes. Three videos were produced for community policing purposes: "Shop Stealers get Court", "South Patrol District video" and "ACT Motor Registry Most II Test".

  (ii) Production costs for all videos were encompassed in staff salaries. A total of $390 was paid for music copyright costs in the production of two of these videos.

  (f) No.

  (g) The Officer in Charge of the Video Operations Section is responsible for assessing the quality of any material produced, ensuring that it is of satisfactory standard.


  (a) Approximately $9,000.

  (b) No full time or part time staff are dedicated to the production of videos.

  (c) 10.

  (d) (i) Five.

  (ii) Five videos were for marketing purposes.

  (e) (i) The videos were not titled but dealt with subject areas such as workplace bargaining and services provided by Auscript such as how to use video-conferencing, arbitration room facilities and digital audio technology as well as a description of the range of services and products offered by Auscript to be shown at exhibitions.

  (ii) Each video cost between $200 and $1000 to produce.

  (f) No.

  (g) The quality of videos is assessed through viewer feedback.

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation(1)

  (a) $100,000.

  (b) The equivalent of one half-person, full time, is employed for the production of non-operational videos.

  (c) 30.

  (d) (i) 15.

  (ii) 15.

  (e) (i) No titles were given to these videos.

  (ii) Each video cost approximately $1200.

  (f) No.

  (g) The quality of the videos is assessed by the person in charge of the video unit.

  (2) Yes. The following table details all videos produced by private sector firms for the Attorney-General's Department since 1990(2):

Office Title/Subject Cost

Information Technology(2) LOIS $31,000

Insolvency and Trustee(2) Meet the Dimpsons $2,500

Service Australia

Insolvency and Trustee Service Life After Debt $119,990


Office of Legal Aid and Family Family Skills $4,000


Office of Legal Aid and Family Marriage Celebrants $14,800

Services Training Video

Practice Development Group A Practice Made Perfect $20,338.50

Resources Group Agency Bargaining: $10,000

Your Say

National Police Research Unit Training Video $2,115

AUSTRAC(2) CTRA Progress Report $26,000


AUSTRAC(2) AUSTRAC. A New Focus $40,000

Australian Protective Service Airport Security Video $7,230

Australian Protective Service Protective Security $6,060

Attendant Video

Australian Protective Service War and Peace $33,755

(Customer Focus) Video)

Australian Protective Service Dodgey Bros. (Private $33,000

Security Video Awareness)

Auscript Marketing Video $12,3401

1. Includes only information in respect of non-operational use of videos

2. Includes videos produced by Film Australia Pty Ltd<