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Tuesday, 1 February 1994
Page: 91

(Question No. 499)

Mr Connolly asked the Minister for the Environment, Sport and Territories, upon notice, on 20 October 1993:

  (1) Does the Minister's Department or any agency for which the Minister has portfolio responsibility have in-house video production facilities; if so:

  (a) what is the cost of the facilities,

  (b) how many persons are employed (i) full time or (ii) part time with the units operating the facilities and what are their salaries,

  (c) how many videos have been produced since 1990,

  (d) how many videos were for (i) training and (ii) other purposes,

  (e) what was the (i) title and (ii) cost of each video,

  (f) were any videos entered into competitions, and

  (g) does the Department assess the quality of the videos produced; if so, how.

  (2) Has the Minister's Department contracted private sector firms to produce videos since 1990; if so, (a) how many videos and (b) what was the cost of each.

Mrs Kelly —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:


Environment Program

  (1) No

  (2) (a) `Greenhouse' 3 segment video produced for the Australia In Profile series

  (b) $44,314

Antarctic Program

  (1) No

  (2) (a) Antarctic helicopter training video

  (b) $2,900

Meteorology Program

  (1) No

  (2) (a) `Weather People'

  (b) $29,500

Territories Program

Cocos (Keeling) Islands Administration:

  (1) Video production facility used as part of a low power television broadcast station to provide bilingual cultural and educational service to the residents of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

  (a) Video production component of the television broadcast facility—$22,005.

  (b) (i) One person is employed full time as Communication Officer/Interpreter. The officer's salary is $33,924 p.a. and responsibilities include the video production facilities. As a voluntary, after hours activity, this officer supervises a volunteer group of residents who produce the video programs.

  (ii) Nil

  (c) 27

  (d) (i) Nil

  (ii) 27

  (e) (i) `Cocovision'—12 episodes of an English language news bulletin.

  `Cerita Dan Berita'—12 episodes of a Malay language version of the `Cocovision' news bulletins.

  `What's Happening'—a one-off experimental current affairs bulletin.

  `Cyclone Drill'—two community information programs on emergency measures for the populace during cyclones.

  (ii) Each video was produced at no cost by community volunteers.

  (f) No

  (g) No

  (2) Nil

Christmas Island Administration:

  (1) Video production facilities which complement the local television broadcast station providing multilingual programs to the residents of Christmas Island.

  (a) The video production component of the television broadcast facilities—$12,165

  (b) (i) None

  (ii) None

  (c) 17

  (d) (i) Nil

  (ii) 17

  (e) (i) `It's Christmas Time'—a multilingual local news bulletin.

  (ii) $500 (paid to local television production company)

  (f) No

  (g) No

  (2) Yes. The local television production company was engaged at the cost of $500 per episode to produce `It's Christmas Time' by providing technical expertise including camera work, editing and final production. All other contributors were involved on a voluntary basis. Episodes are also produced with the assistance of the Christmas Island Shire Council, the Phosphate Mine Corporation and other commercial bodies.

Corporate Management Program

  (1) No

  (2) (a) `I Make the Difference' two community service announcements.

  (b) $8,456

  (a) `B Smart Play Your Part' advertisements as part of a public awareness campaign about waste minimisation and recycling

  (b) $150,000

  (a) `Waste Minimisation'

  (b) $19,425

  (a) `Water in Australia in Profile Series'

  (b) $15,340

  (a) `Cleaner Production—The Green Line' and `Cleaner Production—The Bottom Line'

  (b) $102,156


Australian Heritage Commission

  (1) No

  (2) (a) `A Joint Venture'

  (b) $39,920

  (a) `Our Special Places'

  (b) $51,400

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

  (1) No

  (2) (a) `Deckhand'—commercial fisheries information series of eleven 60 minute videos

  (b) $126,500

  (a) `A Question of Balance'—Great Barrier Reef Marine Park 30 minute information video

  (b) $16,000

  (a) `Reef Report'—series of four 30 minute videos

  (b) $24,000

  (a) `A Walk in the Sea'—60 minute interpretive/promotional video released for the international market on the Great Barrier Reef Aquarium

  (b) $50,000

Australian Sports Commission (ASC)

  (1) The ASC has modest video production facilities, largely based on domestic quality VHS and Super VHS equipment. This equipment is used on a daily basis to record training and coaching sessions for the use of athletes and coaches training at the Australian Institute of Sport. Videotapes are retained for short periods and are then recycled. Material produced is in raw footage format for replay with little editing, no voice over and limited titling.

  (a) The video production facility is not a separate facility. It is part of an audio visual service department which incorporates photographic services, media monitoring, block mounting, audio recording and equipment service.

   In 1992 a Betacam camera and video recorder were purchased (valued at $37,000) to enable the ASC to take footage of athletes and events. This raw footage can then be forwarded to video production houses making videos on behalf of the ASC and thus reduces the cost of video production. Raw Betacam footage is also forwarded to the media to incorporate into news reports on activities and programs of the ASC.

  The capital cost of the facility is $73,000.

  (b) Two full-time audio visual technicians are employed by the ASC (salary costs $36,592 and $25,623) to undertake all tasks associated with audio visual services. These tasks include photographic services, videotape production, equipment set-up and maintenance, audio recording and media monitoring.

  25% of the time of the Audio-visual Technician paid at the annual salary cost of $25,623 is devoted to audio-visual production.

  (c) Because the videotapes produced by the audio-visual section are of an ephemeral nature and are recorded over after use, it is not possible to provide specific numbers of training tapes produced. Approximately three training sessions per week are videotaped, resulting in approximately 400 tapes since 1990. The costs associated with these tapes are staff time in production, which is included in the Audio-visual Technician's salary and the tape cost which amounts to approximately $3,200.

  Raw footage on the recent ASC Altitude Study has been forwarded on three Betacam tapes to television stations for incorporation into television news programs. The costs associated with these tapes were in staff time to undertake the recording. Videotapes are provided by the television stations.

  (d) and (e) See 1 (c).

  (f) Videotapes have not been entered into competitions.

  (g) The ASC informally and formally requests feedback from major users of training videotapes to assess client satisfaction with audio visual services and products.

  (2) (a) `Give it a Go'—a training video for coaches of athletes with disabilities

  (b) $25,780

  (a) `AUSSIE ABLE: Australia in Profile'

  (b) $12,000

  (a) `Sport Everyone's Game'—Corporate video

  (b) $70,000

  (a) `AUSSIE SPORT: Benefits of Sport'—series of four videos

  (b) $40,000

  (a) CAPS Program (Challenge Achievements and Pathways in Sport)—two videos

  (b) $15,000

  (a) `Sportsfun'—two videos

  (b) $18,000

  (a) `Sport Search'

  (b) $12,000


  (b) $16,000

  (a) `The Coach in Action' and `Fit for Sport'

  (b) $53,000

  (a) 3rd Elite Coaches Seminar (4 videos)

  (b) $6,000

  (a) 4th Elite Coaches Seminar (8 videos)

  (b) $14,490

Australian Sports Drug Agency

  (1) No

  (2) (a) `Drug Testing in Sport'—a 12 minute video providing the elite sporting community with a step by step guide to drug sampling procedures.

  (b) $11,000

  (a) `ASDA Promotional Video'—an 8 minute video about ASDA's work with the sporting and general community, tackling the complex issue of drug use in sport.

  (b) $33,000