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Thursday, 13 October 1988
Page: 1587

Mr SCOTT —I wish to draw the Parliament's attention to an article in the British Medical Journal of 28 May 1988 regarding radiological problems. The article states that the National Radiological Protection Board of the United Kingdom has issued new guidelines on applying protection standards and has recommended individual radiation workers should not be exposed to more than an average of 15 millisieverts a year. This average is less than one-third of the current limit for effective dose equivalent in one year of 50 millisieverts.

I wish to draw to the Parliament's attention the need for Australia to adopt a lower standard for exposure to radiation. Exposure to radiation levels has been dropping over a period of about 50 years, but it still leaves workers in the industries, particularly those in the uranium mining industry, exposed to the dangers that asbestos workers have suddenly found themselves caught up with.

Mr ACTING SPEAKER —Order! It being 2.00 p.m., in accordance with sessional order 106a, the time for members' statements has concluded.